Are our Preside…

Are our Presidential candidates the best we have in America?


“Fifty Shades of Gray”?

I hear there is a novel out called The Fifty Shades of Gray.… something about a young woman and a rich guy in Seattle… anybody read it?  Would appreciate your comments…

Are the Mayans Correct?

How do you feel about the Obama Romney confutation?  Are either of these guys the best we can find in America to lead our nation?  Please be specific…………..


End Times or New Times

How do you feel about the next President?  Or will the Mayans be correct and the End Times will arrive before the inauguration…. A puzzling question…


Happy July 4th!

We hold these truths to be self evident that all men… oops, all people — men and women, slave or free are created equal.  And so, Renaissance Bob starts on Independence Day…and I have lots of things to say about freedom….. and moving toward authenticity… Plus get connected with me…  Let’s work together for World Harmony and a Renaissance!


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