Renaissance Bob returns!

Time to get involved in creating World Harmony! My next book about educating in process: The Practical Guide to Authentic Educating — Please get involved… contact me at Renaissance Bob. And, my next novel that connects with Roof Over Love & Lust. Tentative title to be announced soon! Any suggestions?


Earth Day arrived and departed

Looks like the Earth is still here and warming.  Hmmm…. seems like we must attend to it!


A New Moon Today

Let the cycle continue.  Earth Day arrives Wednesday the 22nd.  I have ideas I want to share!


Return to Blogging

Hopefully this Blog will work…


My novel… The Feathered Serpent: Pearl’s Necklace

My novel... The Feathered Serpent: Pearl's Necklace

The Mayan’s calendar ended, not the World! Let’s start a Renaissance!